Membership Application: Startup, Nonprofit, and Small Business

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Membership Profile Information

Please provide some basic information about your organizaiton to an Organization Account.  On the following pages you will be able to creat profiles for your organization's Sub-Members, individuals who will automatically recieve member benefits through your Organizational Membership.   

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Primary Contact Information

Your Primary Contact is the person who will be contacted for all issues regarding your Organization Membership.  Your Primarly Contact is not necessarily a Sub-Member. 

* First Name:
* Last Name:
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Your Account Login will allow you to access member benefits.

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Membership Type

Please choose your Membership Type.

Starup/Non-Profit (Under 10 Employees)   $450 
Small Buisness (Under 50 Employees)  $750 




Click HERE for more information on CleanTX Membership. 


* Membership Type: Student
Small Business (11-50 employees)
The membership you have selected will automatically renew.



On the following pages you will be asked to provide information for the Sub-Members who will enjoy member benefits under your Organizational Membership.  

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